Feeding Dogs In Need

The Guayabo Animal Rescue spay and neuter programs are helping to reduce the number of dogs with no homes, but there is much more work to be done. Dogs roaming the streets in search of food due to having no owner of their own can now find some relief from starvation. We provide dog food feeders located in rural areas and managed by caring volunteers. Our talented team build the feeders and we raise money for dog food – then caring volunteers manage the various locations due to their proximity. This project builds our team of caring leaders fighting the fight to save lives, as well as gives dogs relief from dying on the streets due to starvation. Our goal is to get them all spay and neutered so we will even take dogs right from the street into our clinics, fix and then return them. The goal is to find a home, but the reality is there simply aren’t enough.
Our feeder project started in March 2024 and to date we have four locations in two different towns. The goal is to add more of these stations in time and with more support we can do so. We are proud of this work and together we can save lives and continue to ensure dogs in Costa Rica have homes of their own. Pura Vida!