Helping Animals

Meet Our Animals

Guayabo Animal Rescue began out of a love to help animals in need and the people who love them. When resources in an area are non-existent…someone needs to step-up with a helping hand. We decided to be that organization to provide hope to the beautiful people in this area, and the animals that deserve a change to better thrive.
Currently, at Guayabo Animal Rescue we have (which does change;):
  • 29 adoptable dogs, as well as 6 dogs that are long-term residents
  • 14 goats, 6 horses, 17 hens and 2 rosters that are all long-term residents

Meet Our Dogs


Dogs come to us by either one of our partner veterinarians learning of abuse or neglect, or a dog has no one to care for them. We will step-up and help dogs in need and provide medical treatment, safe housing, and a new home if able through adoption. Please visit our adoption page to learn more and meet our dogs.

Meet Our Goats


Goats come to us from a number of reasons. Either a goat is abandoned and has no one to care for it, or is facing severe neglect or abuse that can cost she/he their life. Our goats are friendly and we do have some that can be adopted into a new home. Most of our goats are here as long-term residents, living their life safe, happy, and loved. 

Meet Our Horses


Horses come to us due to neglect, abuse, or they are left with no one able to provide a loving home, complete with all the proper nutrition and medical needs to thrive. Costa Rican horses most often are ‘work’ animals, providing gardening services, trail rides, carriage rides, or for sport. They come to our rescue and those who can provide guests trail rides. Hope you can meet them soon. Cheers! 

Our future is bright — because you care!