Better Than Ever Expected

The work we’ve been doing at Guayabo Animal Rescue has far exceeded the impact we thought we’d make in our first six months. The community in Guayabo has been so receptive and supportive, from various businesses selling our delicious honey, to so many people getting their pets spay and neutered. We’ve reached 200+ spay/neuter surgeries since only October 2022. An accomplishment many didn’t think we’d ever reach, and we did it in record time.
Our hardworking and loving team are the reason behind this success. Each day, regardless of weather, they get up early, care for our dogs, cows, goats, and horses, then also care for any guests who either want to do a day tour, or book overnight stays in our villas…this team are simply the best!
They also support the community with our pet food bank, helping people get back on their feet and able to keep their pets during that process. They research any calls of animals in distress, closely assessing the situation. If we can’t immediately help, they will find someone who can, never leaving an animal in distress.
The future of Guayabo Animal Rescue is a bright one, as long as supporters continue to believe in our cause. There is so much more to do, so many more animals to help, surgeries to perform, people to share the beauty of our rescue with, and lives to touch. Thank you for believing in what we do matters!
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