Hope. Love. Happy.

These are the three words I think of when recapping the first seven months of 2023 for Guayabo Animal Rescue. Things are moving along great and fast. Programs are all now in full swing, spay and neuter surgeries are occurring in higher numbers, adoptions are taking place each week, pet food bank is serving families facing hard times, medical support is saving lives, and overnight guest stay and day tours are taking place more each month. Great progress!

We are also building amazing partnerships with businesses, other rescues. residents in Costa Rica and abroad, and with municipalities. All good things…no GREAT things!

The heart at why we exist though is spay and neuter initiatives. At the time of writing this blog we had conducted 312 surgeries and have our first large scale spay/neuter clinic coming up in one month. Our goal at one clinic is 100 surgeries. This is the heart of the problem  — too many free roaming dogs with no homes. Until now this area had no resources like what we provide and the community has embraced us 100%!

We can’t wait for what the remainder of the year will bring, but we do know…our work is meaningful, needed, and life changing for many. Pets are a huge part of a hopeful, loving, and happy existence!

Pura Vida.

Oh and plan your next vacation with us soon! You won’t regret it. 💓🐾

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