How To Help

Let Me Count The Ways



Guayabo Animal Rescue Foundation is a nonprofit providing a unique opportunity for animals, as well as for people, by creating a healthy and happy existence. This can done either using the Give Now


Together, our efforts make a huge difference in creating change. Change that saves lives! To care for so many animals in need it’s essential to have loving volunteers.

Become a Hero

We believe every animal should receive care needed, regardless of their family’s financial situation. In order to provide services, we have created the Guayabo Hero Program.

Sponsor an Animal

We are home to several types of animals, in which they can stay as long as needed. They are given plenty of enrichment, nourishment, and space until they find a loving home.

Planned Giving

All living animals possess an intrinsic value which is manifested in their creation, and those that are able must become responsible stewards of their care.

Become a Partner

Guayabo Animal Rescue just launched and are looking for partners that share our mission of saving lives and helping people. If interested in learning more about our efforts and how you can become involved.