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The protection of animals, especially domestic, has become a social demand that is increasingly receiving political recognition. In Costa Rica, the defense of domesticated animals and many other species has reached its highest level of attention.

Each year Costa Rica gets more progressive regarding the humane treatment of animals and currently there are several animal welfare laws in place to protect them. This breakthrough came in 2003, when the first law that prohibits euthanasia as a method of pet population control was passed. 

At Guayabo Animal Rescue we take adopting our animals very seriously, in fact, there will be a lot of follow-up on dogs we adopt, as well as if we find they are not being taken care of according to our standards – WE WILL TAKE THEM BACK! Also, if an owner can no longer care for their dog we will take he/she back into our rescue. The care and love of our animals is our utmost importance!

Dogs need to be loved, fed nutritious food, get plenty of exercise, have access to fresh water at all times, kept out of the weather, and kept medically sound (dewormed, flea medicine, medical check-ups, etc.). 

Here are a few ways to target this type of support:
  • Organize low-cost spay / neuter clinics.
  • Offer support, in the from of educational programs, and adoption services to bring more awareness to the need to help animals.  
  • Involve more private veterinarians to offer lower cost services and also have organizations like ours offer medical support when we are able to do so. 
  • People here do love their pets – it’s time we offer more support!
Following this strategy, Costa Rica has achieved some success especially when compared to many other Latin American countries. More support and programs are needed, and again why Guayabo Animal Rescue was established. 

When and if (some are long-term residents) our dogs are ready we’ll offer adoption services. Our available dogs are always changing, so check back frequently. We will mainly be adopting dogs as we save and rehabilitate them more frequently; however, from time-to-time we’ll have another type of animal.  
Partnering with other like-minded rescues will be critical, so you might even see us spotlighting an animal from another facility in Costa Rica. Partnerships like these save lives and without your support no animal can be saved. Respecting animal life is what we do and why we exist! 

Meet Our Adoptables

Image of Airem the animal

Meet Airem. This handsome boy is three years old and would be best as an only dog in your household. He loves belly rubs and hanging with his people. Airem came to us after being left abandoned and alone. He had a leg injury that never recieved medical attention, but he gets around great on it now and thank goodness isn’t in any pain. If interested in this sweet boy please reach out.

Meet Airem
Image of Romeo the animal

Meet Romeo. This super fun loving energetic 5 month old puppy will make a great new fur family member. He loves belly rubs and playtime. Romeo is neutered and very healthy. Let us know if interested in this sweet boy.

Meet Romeo
Image of Robin the animal

Meet Robin. This precious handsome boy is six months old, very healthy, and we promise he will steal your heart.  He came to us with his other siblings as tiny puppies, left to fend for themselves. He is sterilized and ready to find his loving new family. 💓🐾

Meet Robin
Image of Lexy the animal

Meet Lexy. This sweet little girl will surely steal your heart. She is small to medium size, 10 months old, very healthy, spayed, and loves belly rubs. If interested please let us know - we promise you'll love her as much as we do!

Meet Lexy
Image of Chirulito the animal

Meet Chirulito. This super sweet one year old boy is a medium to small size dog and will surely steal your heart! He was left alone on the streets, starving to death. We saved him just in time. Chirulito is extremely cuddly and loves belly rubs. If interested in handsome Chirulito please reach out.

Meet Chirulito
Image of Zeus the animal

Meet Zeus. This handsome boy is just over one years old and oh what a sweet boy! He will for sure steal your heart and all he wants is love, belly rubs, and time with his people. Zeus loves attention, other dogs, kids, and especially cuddles. Zeus will make an amazing fur friend for one lucky family!

Meet Zeus
Image of Negra the animal

Meet Negra. This very loving and shy girl is looking for a home to give her attention, belly rubs, and lots of love. She will be very loyal and loving. She is one of our favorites at just at a year old, Negra’s calming and sweet spirit will steal your heart. The family who adopt her will be the lucky ones.

Meet Negra
Image of Rosa the animal

Meet Rosa. This resilient girl has quite the story. She was found my our team alone, abandoned, near death, and with four four month old puppies. Rosa had also been hit by a car and had a badly broken leg. Due to she had puppies and her leg injury was older, we kept her comfortable but allowed her to continue to nurse her puppies. One month later while with us Rosa gave birth to another six puppies, while healing herself, and with the older puppies. This sweet loving girl always stays positive and was such a great mom to her puppies. They now are all weaned and Rosa is ready to get adopted. We love her so much and you will too.

Meet Rosa
Image of Athena the animal

Meet Athena. This sweet girl was found tied to a tree, in a severe state of malnourishment, and very scared. We brought her into the rescue and today she is gaining weight, starting to trust humans again, and becoming very loving. She is approximately two years old and will make a great new fur family member for a loving family.

Meet Athena
Image of Perla the animal

Meet Perla. This sweet little puppy is not only very unique looking, but so snuggly. She is healthy, sterilized, and ready for a home all her own.

Meet Perla
Image of Lester the animal

Meet Lester. This super sweet handsome boy is under a year old, very loving, a but shy at first but loves human contact, plays well with other dogs, and is ready for his new loving home. Lester will be very loyal and an overall great companion

Meet Lester
Image of Huesos the animal

Meet Huesos. This super sweet special needs boy is in search of a loving family. He is approximately two years old and has a slight tilt to his head as he walks due to what we believe is a neurological disorder. Huesos is healthy, active, loves other dogs, LOVES humans, and we don’t believe has any issues that give him discomfort. He is a super lovable and only wants attention and love. We adore this medium size Labrador mix good boy.

Meet Huesos
Image of Pinky the animal

Meet Pinky. This little girl is shy, but once she knows you she wants to cuddle and love on her people. Pinky was surrendered to us after her owner passed away. She is a few years old, healthy, happy, and such a sweet girl. Pinky is gorgeous with very unique coloring. If you can open your home and heart to this sweet girl — please do.

Meet Pinky
Image of Lana the animal

Meet Lana. This high energy little girl is under a year old, super playful, fun loving, and loves human contact. She needs a home where she can run and play a lot, get loads of attention, and snuggle with you too. She is healthy and ready for her new loving home.

Meet Lana
Image of Noah the animal

Meet Noah. This sweet smaller size dog came in with three siblings and her mom, Rosa. Noah is super sweet and high energy. She loves to sit on your lap, but also run around and play, jump, chase, and wag her cute tail. She is healthy and ready for her new forever home.

Meet Noah
Image of Ralf the animal

Meet Ralf. This sweet boy came in with three siblings and his mom, Rosa. Ralf can be shy at first, but he loves to play, get attention, and overall he is a goof ball. His funny ways make us laugh. Ralf will d best in a home where he can run around and play and not be tied up. He will make a sweet and loyal fur friend.

Meet Ralf
Image of Princesa the animal

Meet Princesa. This sweet 7 month old puppy came to us by another rescue (PABSA) who didn’t have any space to take her in. We are happy to be able to help, especially because she is so very sweet. Princesa does need to gain weight as she was severely emaciated. She once had owners, but they moved away without taking her with them and left her alone and starving. If you can open your heart for this sweet puppy, please do!

Meet Princesa
Image of Anna the animal

Meet Anna. This super playful, high energy girl loves to explore, is very curious, smart, affectionate, and loves human contact. She plays well with other dogs, but will need some obedience training. Anna is an approximately three years old and we can just tell will be a loyal loving fur friend to a new family.

Meet Anna
Image of  Taquita the animal

This sweet shy little girl was rescued by our veterinarian, Dr. Jorge. She was abandoned close to his home and found scared, emaciated, and alone. She is real sweet and could really use a home that is quiet, loving, and one that her people will give her lots of attention. She is one years old, healthy, happy, and up-to-date on all medical. She can’t wait to meet her new family soon.

Meet Taquita
Image of Rosita the animal

Meet Rosita. She came to us in very bad shape, near starvation and so scared. She is approximately 10 years old and will make someone a great chill, easy going best fur friend. She is healthy, happy, and loves attention. Rosita will steal your heart.

Meet Rosita
Image of Mila the animal

Meet Mila. One of six dogs who came in after being left abandoned and abused all alone. Mila is two years old, and after a lot of needed medical attention she is happy, playful, and ready for a new forever home. She now weighs 40 pounds, spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations. She simply loves everyone!

Meet Mila
Image of Pennie the animal

Meet Pennie. She one of six dogs left abandoned in the woods. She is now two years old, and after a lot of needed medical attention she is happy, playful, and ready for a new forever home. She weighs 40 pounds, spayed and up-to-date on all vaccinations. Pennie is super sweet and will thrive in a home where she gets loads of attention.

Meet Pennie

Adoption Application Process


To be considered to adopt one of our awesome dogs please complete the application below. You can also make an appointment to visit Guayabo Animal Rescue. 


If you want to adopt from another country, it is possible, but of course more paperwork is needed. We can help ‘walk’ you through the process. You do have to also consider the airlines, as some do not allow dogs to ride with you in the cabin, and checking a dog in as luggage is not something we recommend. There are some airlines (private and commercial) that allow a larger dog to ride inside the cabin area. Again, we can assist you with the various options. 

We do not have adoption fees as our goal is to find a loving home; however, a donation is always appreciated! 
If interested in adopting, please complete this form.
Thank you for your interest, as it truly takes a village! 

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