Donation Page B

Guayabo Animal Rescue is comprised of two legally registered organizations that together help save lives in Costa Rica. The 501c3 nonprofit in the US is the primary fundraising organization and the NGO nonprofit in Costa Rica is where our life saving work occurs. Our accountants and lawyers in both countries carefully manage all funds, as transparency is of the utmost importance for our work.

Here is what your support allows us to do each day:

  • Provide a safe and nurturing sanctuary for our rescue animals
  • Provide spay and neuter clinics to help end the suffering of dogs and cats due to overpopulation
  • Provide emergency medical support
  • Provide adoption services to match dogs and families
  • Provide educational support to help better the lives of people and animals
  • Provide a beautiful and tranquil place for visitors to stay so they may learn more about this loving and caring community
  • Provide environmental protection of this unique area through conservation of our beautiful land
Our team look forward to welcoming you to Guayabo Animal Rescue. Please plan your visit soon.
Pura Vida!